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Hello and welcome to Lottery Twenty-Four Seven!

Created in early 2017 by a group of dedicated and passionate lottery enthusiasts. We at LotteryTFS are driven to provide our readers with the most accurate and engaging industry news. Our mission is to bring you the latest updates and stories from across the lottery world. We ensure our lottery community is always up to date on all the best newsworthy items, current jackpots, winners and more.

Lottery Twenty-Four Seven is devoted to providing an enjoyable and knowledge empowering environment for all our readers.

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meet our team


Nick Swanson
Co-founder & CEO

Nick is a co-founder & CEO of LotteryTFS. After completing his Master’s Degree in marketing at the University of Florida back in 2008.  Nick moved back to his native San Diego. After working in marketing for Kyocera for a few years he decided to pursue his passion and create a hub for like-minded individuals. With some assistance from Dave Murphy, that hub became LotteryTFS. In his free time, Nick loves watching the Gators play football and loves hiking with his dog, Dino.


Dave Murphy
Co-founder & CFO

Dave is a co-founder & CFO of LotteryTFS. Since a young age, Dave dreamed about winning the lottery and he became quite the lottery enthusiast. After finishing his Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Dave returned to San Diego. Then, after working as a teacher for several years, Dave felt a bit unaccomplished and wanted to do something a bit more interesting. After meeting with his old friend Nick, the concept of LotteryTFS was born. In his free time, Dave loves watching classic TV shows and movies, such as the twilight zone.


Cheng “Chad” Tai
CTO & Head Programmer

Chad is the CTO & programmer here at lotteryTFS. Chad was recruited to work for LotteryTFS back when he was a computer science major at UCSD. Originally born in Taiwan, Chad immigrated to the United States as a child. Chad is the go-to guy for anything computer related. When Chad isn’t trying to come up with a lottery “system” or calculating statistics, he enjoys surfing and video games.