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What is Powerball lotto – Australia?

The Powerball lotto Australia was based on the very successful American lottery – Powerball. It was introduced in Australia in 1996 with a lot of fanfare and it quickly became very successful in Australia. Powerball lotto Australia is available throughout Australia’s 7 states. Final ticket sales times for Powerball lotto Australia are Thursdays 8:30 PM (AEDT). The draw is held at 9:30 PM (AEDT). Jackpots start at a guaranteed minimum first prize of $3 million AUD and has had a record jackpot of $80 million AUD.

How to Play Powerball Lotto Australia?

In Powerball Australia, there are two drums of numbers. The 1st drum contains 35 balls numbered from 1 to 35 inclusive. The 2nd drum contains 20 balls numbered from 1 to 20 inclusive.

From the 1st drum 7 winning numbers are selected. From the 2nd drum one number, called the Powerball is drawn.

Can I play Powerball Lotto Australia outside of Australia?

Yes. With the assistance of our partners, once you fill out a ticket a representative will register your ticket under your name in one of the 7 states that allow Powerball Lotto Australia. Once your ticket is registered you will receive a scan of your ticket to your email before the draw.  

How to claim Powerball Lotto Australia’s prize?

Once you hopefully hit the Powerball Lotto Australia jackpot or win any amount, you will be notified via email or text message. If you’ve reached the jackpot or reach a 6-7-digit win, our partners pay for your flight to the Australia to pick up your prize.


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