Lottery scams & unexpected prize scams have been out there probably since the first days of lottery. In recent years, along with the progress of the internet, online scams have become the most common form of these frauds. Usually via Email but could also appear as SMS, social media platforms messages or even phone call, the variety of these cons is pretty wide.

How it works

The most common version of this scam is: You’ll get notice that you’ve won a ton of money in some form of raffle or lottery that you don’t remember entering.

In most of the occurrences, lottery scams can operate similarly to the notoriously known  Nigerian scam. You will receive notice that you have won a large prize via phone call, social media, email or text message. In order to receive the prize, you will need to either provide personal details (such as social security numbers/credit card/bank account info) in order to “verify” yourself. After you’ve given them your personal details they will empty out your bank account and/or max out your credit card.

In other instances, scammers will request that the “winner” pay a handling fee/tax/insurance fee/bank fee or courier charges. Scammers will continually request that fees be paid while stalling the payment of the winnings.

Many scammers urge you to respond fast and to keep the message or call a secret. They claim it is to stop others from attempting to claim your prize or to ‘maintain security’. This is done to pressure “winners” to fall for their scam by pressing urgency and to suppress “winners” from seeking advice or information.

Scammers at times use the names of known lotteries in order to seem more legitimate. Some might even send you a fake check (which will later bounce).

Key points

  • If you don’t remember taking part in the draw, you didn’t win. That’s the thumb rule.
  • If you are asked to pay money up-front in order to receive a prize or winnings, it’s almost always a scam. Legitimate lotteries do not require you to pay a fee to collect winnings or prizes.
  • Never provide personal payment details to people you do not trust and never via email.
  • Verify the identity of the contact by calling the relevant organization directly. Find them through an independent source such as an online search. Do not use the contact details provided in the message sent to you.

Got a suspicious call about a lottery you applied for?

If you have received a phone call or email which you truly believe is real – and you remember buying yourself a ticket for the lottery in question you should still take some cautionary measures. Don’t simply go along with whatever is requested of you. Instead, locate your ticket (if you purchased it offline), look at the small print on the reverse of that ticket and follow the official claims process as described. if you purchased your ticket online you should log into your account for the official claims process of your lottery vendor.

If you are in the U.S.A. and believe you have been targeted by a lottery scam. please contact IC3

British citizens, if you believe you have been targeted by a lottery scam. please contact ActionFraud.

Australians, if you believe you have been targeted by a lottery scam. please contact ScamWatch.

Canadians, if you believe you have been targeted by a lottery scam. please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Please stay safe from lottery scams!

Insured vs. Uninsured Lottery Tickets

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is the genuine of your raffle ticket. There are 2 models of lottery websites: Uninsured and insured lottery.


Despite the dubious name, the uninsured lottery is actually the genuine and safer method. In this model you virtually purchase lottery tickets through certificated sites like, for example. Once you buy a ticket through one of these vendors, an employee in the relevant branch will actually go out and get a physical ticket with the numbers you choose. The operator will then scan this ticket and will upload it into your secure account. This is the way we work here at Lottery24/7.

With Insured lottery tickets, on the other hand, you are not buying an official lottery ticket. Companies that are working in this model are not affiliated with any official lottery provider. Instead, you are betting on the outcome of a lottery draw. You do NOT participate in the raffle itself!

Considering that, the prize money, in case you win,does not pay with revenues coming from the draw itself. Most of these sites use an insurer who covers the jackpots and the big winnings. Hence the name of this model.  In many cases the jackpot that these companies are offering will be significantly low than the one which is given by the draw itself.

Consumers need to know the difference between buying official pool-based lottery tickets and using a wagering website that sends bets overseas. There is no replacement in terms of credibility and cautious to buy an official, genuine ticket, such as we are offering here.

If you have any question or would like a clarification about anything whatsoever, please contact us

Once again, stay safe out there!